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Agriculture is one of the oldest activities developed by man, whose evolution through the centuries has been determined by the scientific and technological advances to the service of this activity. Thus, techniques, machinery, and all class of tools were developed so the agricultural activity anywhere in the world was optimized, arriving up to the development of fertilizers and agrochemicals that have been used in excess by several decades.

In the 70’s the negative consequences of the use of agrochemicals emphasizing its high danger were revealed. Nowadays these consequences are evident, whole towns undergo the consequences to have contaminated the water breeders; damaged grounds and complete biodiversity in risk and ecosystems destroyed.

On the other hand, nowadays the protection of the environment is the indicator to follow at a global level, to obtain the permanence of our planet and the human beings, by this way, the search of solutions to the environmental deterioration, also is developed in the farming field.

Thus a movement arises from agriculturists and social groups who went approaching more the concept of "sustainability". Many of the agricultural processes changed the use of agrochemicals for processes of smaller environmental impact, like the composteo of the organic remainders, for the making of organic installment that contains the nutrients necessary to produce excellent products without degrading grounds.

Paradoxically, modernizing means to approach the traditional sources of the towns with strong cultural roots that still maintain the old knowledge of the original towns effective and that coexisted and coexist with nature, respecting it and taking care of it. Thus diverse investigations were made, compiled and validated the technologies used by the oldest cultures, still effective, initiating a movement of organic agriculture, that compiles all those practices that now have been developed and we know like agroecology and permaculture. Nowadays the agroecology is recognized like science and thought in several universities of Mexico and the world.

Combined to this, a new world-wide conscience arises, that is translated in an increasing commercial demand for products cultivated without polluting chemistries.

For EcoRed it is of extreme importance to support scientifically and technologically the agroecology, generating productive technologies of very high efficiency and minimum environmental impact, enabling the communities and the producers to gain access to the biological and organic product market increasing, that provides an added value to products, which is translated in better prices, greater income and better quality of life for the producers.

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