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Treatment Plants
Treatment Plants

Residual Water Treatment Plant:

“Metepec 1 SEDAGRO” and “Live Museum of Water”

The 15 of August 2006, the Residual Water Treatment Plant was inaugurated,  named Metepec I, SEDAGRO, with a capacity of 3382.4 oz, located in SEDAGRO, Metepec, State of Mexico.

The project also includes the Executive Project of another residual water treatment plant (Metepec II SEDAGRO), in a second stage, hoping to reach a total capacity of 6764.8 oz.

The project also considers the construction of an Artificial wetland, an Area of Experimentation,  and a Center of Environmental Interpretation relative to the Cycle of the Water, its conservation, uses and sustainable handling, and the necessary infrastructure for the infiltration of the treated water to the subsoil and re-use of it.


Cutting edge Technology based on an anaerobic biological process (anaerobic reactors UASB, developed by the Institute of Engineering of the UNAM), followed of an aerobic biological process, and an additional treatment through an artificial wetland, optimizing the degradation of the polluting agents and diminishing the power cost.

Advantages of this new technology:

  • Ecological system
  • High efficiency and quality of the waste liquid
  • Easy operation
  • Low operation and treatment cost
  • No mud production
  • No toxic products or waste production
  • Treated water with great quality for re-use.
  • Plants “factory” (as  a nursery)

Artificial Wetlands

Once the water has logged-off of the treatment system with quality of re-use and direct bonding, it is fed in an artificial wetland which will take advantage of such a great volume of bio-mass and nutrients that will transform into amazing plants. The nutrients arte removed by the plants through a natural, physical and biological process of absorption, filtration, oxidation, etc.

After the water has gone through the artificial wetland, it can be used for irrigation o r filtered naturally into the ground, allowing this clean water to go back to nature.

Live Museum of Water

The integral project contemplates the establishment of green areas and water entities where the different ecosystems from the State of Mexico are represented, everything under the concept of a "Live Museum of Water" that holds a sample of the coniferous forests deciduous, xerófito scrub and of the wetlands of the plateau.

The projection of the site is both, a Center of Environmental Education with the concept of Tourist/Fun Park, and a space for relaxation, knowledge, interaction and transmission of the scientific and technological knowledge of water, its conservation, and its handling use.

In addition to tour visits through the wetland and the ecosystems created at the surroundings, we have planned tour visits to the Residual Water Treatment Plant, as well as the creation of an exhibition place, events and interactive spaces for children.

The primary target of this space is to promote the Ecological Conservation and the sustainable use of the hydraulic resources in our country, where children can learn and grow in much better and different ways of experience.

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