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Grupo Eco Red achieves GEO Certification for 2 of Palace Resorts

Grupo Eco Red achieves GEO Certification for 2 of Palace Resorts’ golf courses in the Mexican Caribbean

CANCUN, Mexico, December 12th 2010 –
Riviera Cancun Golf & Resorts and Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort, two of the Mexican Caribbean’s leading golf destinations, have achieved GEO Certification, an internationally recognized award from the Golf Environment Organization.This prestigious certification verifies that the two golf courses, owned and operated by Palace Resorts, have met comprehensive and advanced sustainability requirements, and are committed to continually improving their environmental performance.The conservation and sustainable use of the fagile and unique environment of the Mexican Caribbean is a critical part of the quality product offered by Palace Resorts. This has been achieved through the environmental commitment displayed by Palace Resorts in the construction and operation of the golf courses with expert personnel and specialized environmental consulting offered by Grupo Eco Red and Organizacion Nacional de Calidad Ambiental (ONCA).The Golf Environmental Organization is a non-profit organization committed to strengthening ties between people, golf and the environment. The international organization recognizes that opportunities for enhancing social and environmental quality abound in golf development and management, and works through a global community of partners to develop and deliver innovative, practical programs within a coordinated sustainable golf movement.
When the world’s environmental leaders united at Moon Palace for the United Nations COP16 Convention in November 2010, they tackled the global challenges of climate change at a point of interface between biodiversity rich Mexican jungle and two of the world’s greenest golf courses.

As owner Jose Chapur explains, environmental leadership goes to the heart of Palace Resorts’  business:

“In developing golf around Cancun and the Riviera Maya we have embraced the environmental richness of our jungle landscape and taken every possible opportunity to conserve and enhance Mexico’s natural and cultural assets. The experience offered to our guests is both luxurious and also sensitive to the immeasurable value of the ecosystems that host it.

“Golfers that enjoy our resorts are particularly privileged as the courses here enable them to spend time enjoying our jungle and wildlife first hand with their friends and families.

“GEO Certification is becoming established as a global seal of approval for environmentally sensitive golf. That we are among the first golf resorts to achieve this award is a source of great pride and a mark of distinction for our committed team of superintendents, groundsmen and ecologists.

Antonio Ortiz, Corporate Environmental Director for Palace Resorts added:

The great diversity of wildlife occupying our mangrove swamps includes anteaters, white tailed deer, swamp crocodiles and an significant collection of birds, smaller reptiles and other mammals. These two properties border an area of national ecological importance in the mesoamericano reef, and a significant area of mangrove swamps called the Nichupte Lagoon. Having worked closely with the development team, groundsmen and superintendents for many years, we have witnessed the management practices employed on these golf courses actually contribute significantly to increased levels of biodiversity.

Philip Krick, Jr. Director of Golf for Palace Resorts, is supporting the effort for the golf courses to be recognized for their environmental stewardship. Through sustainable maintenance practices i.e. salt and stress tolerant Paspalum turfgrasses with alternative organic products, Palace Resorts demonstrates its commitment to provide a sanctuary for wildlife.

Aurelio Ahumada, President of Fundación Eco Red commented:

“It has been an important learning and skill-development experience working with Palace Resorts to develop truly state-of-the-art environmental golf courses which will serve as international benchmarks for golf courses around the globe. It has not been easy but we are very pleased to have collaborated with Palace Resorts and its experienced staff in these magnificent courses which prove that it is possible to create golf courses which serve as ecological sanctuaries.”

Fernando Calderon, Executive Director of ONCA mentioned:

“Palace Resorts have set the standard for future golf courses which are designed, constructed and operated to enhance the natural surroundings while providing the highest quality of golf. We are sure that the certification of these first golf courses in Latin America will entice other courses to follow on their footsteps and obtain this international environmental recognition.”

 Jonathan Smith, CEO of the Golf Environment Organization expressed his delight at the achievement:  “The certification of these two golf facilities demonstrates that golf course management and development can have considerable net benefits on environmental quality.  Even within an extremely sensitive mangrove ecosystem, Moon Palace has found ways to go beyond protection and into restoration and enhancement.

Their commitment to drive down and minimize resource inputs, along with ongoing partnership based biodiversity conservation, overlays a desire for their development not to exceed the carrying capacity of that ecosystem.

It’s an outstanding example of the recognition that this unique and fragile environment is a huge part of the quality of the product that Palace Resorts offers.

 Moon Palace Golf Course, Cancún
27 holes, Jack Nicklaus Design

Activities performed by Grupo Eco Red:
Creation of environmental guidelines for the design and construction phases, assessment on biodiversity and natural habitat conservation, environmental technologies for water quality, landscape ecology using native vegetation, management of the certification process.
First golf course to use Paspalum in Latin America.




Riviera Cancún, Cancún, México

18 holes, Jack Nicklaus Design 

Activities performed by Grupo Eco Red:

Environmental design, environmental technologies, environmental supervision of construction process, and management of the certification process.



Ceremonia de Certificación GEO Sept 6, 2010 De izquierda a derecha: Fernando Calderón Eco Red - ONCA, Charles Peacock GEO ejecutive, José Chapur CEO of Palace Resorts, Aurelio Ahumada General Director of Grupo Eco Red

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