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Integral Tutorial and Development

Eco Red group developed new concepts for Golf courses, in which the conservation of the environment is a primary issue and the base on which they are designed, built and operated achieves a high class product with an ecological and financial added value.

The environmental success depends on how we protect the aquifers, wetlands and lowlands, and how we can preserve the present ecosystems. Thus, we implement an Integral Environmental Management Program in which the Environmental Supervision, Training Programs for Workers and Specialized Consulting Services for Golf Developers and Constructors are a key factor.

The Environmental Supervision Program (ESP) provides answers and solutions to the terms and conditions outlined by the environmental authorities.

Wild flora and fauna rehabilitation programs are carried out to contribute to the ecosystems' protection, providing at the same time an added value to the land and Golf development. We only use native plants of the region, as well as organic fertilizers and plague control.

Deforestation is minimized, treated water is reused for grass irrigation, vegetal species from the region are utilized for gardening, and biodegradable fertilizers and agrochemicals are applied for plague control.

Each Golf project is performed according to the highest Environmental Standards. Great ecological benefits are achieved, while the developers increase the value of their investment.

  • We guarantee the natural stability of the environment, as well as the development acceptance by the local authorities and community.
  • We protect the aquifers, wetland or bodies of water in order to provide a great landscape and to preserve the ecosystems as much as possible.
  • We implement an Integral Program for Environmental Management, establishing an Environmental Supervision.
  • We offer environmental programs for workers and assessment for the construction companies.
  • Treated water is used for grass irrigation.
  • Native plants species of the region are used.
  • Biodegradable or organic products are used as fertilizers and plague control.
  • Each Golf project is developed with the highest standards of environmental quality.
  • We offer the highest environmental quality and an added value to the investment.
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