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The term of what we call “Landscape Ecology”, integrates assessment, studies, technology, design and execution of actions to obtain the best integration of the infrastructure and functionality of the projects with the natural surroundings.

We work with architects, landscapers, engineers and others in the planning and design, to determine and to apply to the best solutions according to the requirements of the project and the natural surroundings.

We elaborate plans, specifications, catalogue of plants and concepts, work and budget programs, etc.

We make reforestation with native species, creation of breeding grounds, rescue and

We implement necessary environmental engineering for the handling of solid, liquid and gaseous residues, as well as the protection and improvement of the landscape, the site and the species of ecological importance.

For each project, we integrate in our team a group of experts so we can achieve our goals:

  • Environmental protection and functional conservation of the ecosystems.
  • Excellent environmental quality of beaches, green areas, dunes, forests, jungles, wetlands, lakes, etc.
  • Significant reduction of construction, operation and maintenance costs.
  • Effective conservation of the local flora and fauna and generation of new integrated ecological niches.
  • A great added value of landscape and Ecology.
  • The natural space is used in a sustainable way, increasing the biodiversity and beauty of the site.
  • We make the project more attractive, increasing its capital income, generating greater economic resources.
  • To guarantee the correct execution on time.
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