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Ecological Architecture
Ecological Design

We provide architecture based on the sustainable use and conservation of the natural resources of the zone.

We offer integral studies and assessment for the design of the Master Plan in order to reduce the environmental impacts, complying with the environmental legislation and applicable land use.

We include landscape architecture, ecology, rescuing of flora, environmental protection and technology assessment in order to:

  • Provide a planning direction for the designers.
  • Understand the sustainable use of the space.
  • Fulfillment of the legal and ecological regulations.
  • Facilitate the decision making.
  • Obtain the attenuation and mitigation of environmental impacts.
  • Guarantee the conservation of natural sites.
  • Provide and added value to the investment.
  • Power efficiency, power saving, use of nonpolluting alternating energy and local materials and vegetation, harmony with the surroundings and natural landscape and environmental comfort.
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