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Environmental Agency and Studies
Strategic Environmental Management
The Environmental Strategies of ECO RED Group are oriented to accomplish the best plan for the sustainable use of the natural resources for each project, from the phases of planning, feasibility analysis, design and evaluation, in order to obtain the authorization from the authorities and to avoid or reduce environmental impacts, therefore providing a successful execution and operation of the project. Some of the environmental strategies include the following concepts:
  • Specialized expertise on environmental matters, guaranteeing the conservation and sustainable use of the natural resources, as well as the strict execution of the environmental regulations.
  • Research, development and execution of instruments for management and environmental regulations, as well as environmental expertise and certifications.

The successful businesses strategies that we provide are based on considering the natural assets as an “ecological" added value, combined with the financial, technical, human and social assets.

  • We provide advice and support for the Master’s Plan design, reducing environmental impacts.
  • We facilitate the execution of the environmental legislation and regulations.
  • We detect environmental, legal or social conflicts, as well as other situations that may affect a development.
  • We provide solutions to prevent or to avoid possible conflicts.
  • We develop studies of Environmental Impact, as well as the Use of Forest Ground and Land, concessions of Federal Zone and others, incorporating the measures of prevention and mitigation of environmental impacts and the concepts of environmental excellence, as an integral part of the projects.
  • We considerably reduce the elaboration of studies, the management and governmental proceedings on environmental matter.
  • We guarantee greater certainty for the fulfillment of legislation and environmental regulations, in order to obtain the approval of the project by the authorities and the community.
  • We combine the concepts of environmental quality, design, engineering, science, construction and operation, in order to provide a higher value to the investment.
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