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Environmental Planning and Regulation
Environmental Agency and Studies
Environmental Planning and Regulation

Nowadays, any development project in Mexico and around the world is forced to fulfill a series of norms, laws, regulations, programs and proceedings related to the environmental conservation and the urban development ordered and adapted to the resources of each particular region. The inadequate application of these instruments may end the success to develop a certain project.

ECO RED Group offers integral assessment on this matter, providing its experience and knowledge to handle and to solve any problem on this matter, allowing you to know the possibilities and strategies that must be performed to create a successful and sustainable project.

We work together with governmental authorities, institutions and research groups or organizations, in order to apply and to understand the legal procedures.

  • We provide the environmental and lobbying instruments to make possible a project.
  • We facilitate the application of environmental regulations
  • We advise and guarantee the execution of the law, norms, regulations, plans and land programs.
  • We relieve and/or provide a more agile procedure with the Environmental Authorities.
  • We perform special studies and paper work.
  • We perform activities of restoration or environmental recovery.
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